The Drum Reset Chip can be used if your printer/copier is asking for a drum or imaging unit to be replaced.

You can avoid the huge expense of replacing the drum unit by installing a new micro chip, which will reset the counter to zero.

That means that Drum Reset Chip will give to your unit one more cycle of life.

The chip will not help improve image quality and should only be used to reset the counter on a working and in good condition drum unit.

Chips do not fix quality problems or service error codes.


Instructions – Ιnstalling the Drum Reset Chip

1. Before making any changes, please turn off your printer/copier. If you install the chip with the machine in function, it may “burn” the chip and can not reset the unit.

2. Take the imaging unit out of the machine and use a soft cloth to cover it. It is very important because you don’t want the drum part get scratched or exposed to the light, causing printing quality problems.

3. Local the chip on the unit, take the old chip out and replace it with the new one.

4. Insert the unit into your machine and that was all!